In His Presence


“You have made known to me the ways of life; You will make me full of joy in Your presence.” (Acts 2:28)

In His presence is where the springs of life flow.  In His presence is where true joy is found; where the wisdom of the ways of life are imparted.  In His presence is where immovable faith is forged like steel.  In His presence is where the same friendship Abraham enjoyed is formed.  In His presence is where love–the God love–is rooted and grounded in you.  In His presence destinies are found.  In His presence passion is ignited.

I have been on a journey so to speak the past two years.  A journey to the deepest part of God’s heart.  It all started when I got a taste of His presence.  All it took was a taste of His presence and I was hopelessly hooked.  I decided to go “all in.”  I’m an adventurer and I love discovering the unknown.  I started reading about Enoch and how he “habitually” walked with God.  How God eventually just physically took him to heaven!  The things Enoch must have seen in his pursuit of God inspired me and  I wanted to discover that for myself!

I started by telling Him I wanted to walk with Him like Enoch did.  I wanted to know what I should do to start the process.  One word: Praise.  So I put a CD in my little player and off I went.  This was in 2012.  I created a blog called “The Enoch Dimension” to be my diary of the journey.  I look back today and marvel at where He has brought me and when I look ahead, I see there is so much more yet to discover!  The most awesome thing about God is that He is so LIMITLESS!  He will take you as far into Him as you can stand or handle.  He absolutely loves it when His children pursue Him like this!

The presence of God is completely and utterly life-changing.  It only takes a second of a real encounter with the God of all Creation to turn your life completely around.  I’m not talking about a great sermon or movie, but a real life encounter with the Creator of the universe.  Jesus Christ is not dead…He is very much alive and active in the lives of those who love Him.  In His presence there truly is fullness of joy and life and strength and yes..happiness.

Blessings everyone…

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  1. That is my desire also….that Bill walked with God….and was not…..look for you there


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