Tried In The Fire


“I know your affliction and distress and pressing trouble and your poverty–but you are rich! and how you are abused and reviled and slandered by those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Fear nothing that you are about to suffer. [Dismiss your dread and your fears!] Behold, the devil is indeed about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested and proved and critically appraised, and for ten days you will have affliction. Be loyally faithful undo death [even if you must die for it], and I will give you the crown of life.

He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches). He who overcomes (is victorious) shall in no way be injured by the second death.” (Revelation 2:9-11)

The persecuted church is growing exponentially throughout the world these days.  Believers are facing economic retribution all the way to death by beheading.  Satan has unleashed hell against the followers of Jesus Christ.  Jesus told us up front that we are not above our Master.  If they hated Him and they do–they will hate us also and they do.

The letter to Ephesus tells us to return to our first love; to hide our lives in Christ with God.  That is the only real safe place to be in these perilous times.  When we reach this place, and all hell breaks loose against us, we are still at peace.  Just like the church in Smyrna.  They held fast to their confession of faith in Jesus Christ in spite of facing death.

Jesus warned the church in Smyrna that some would be thrown into prison to be tested and proven.  Our faith must be proven and the best way to prove or test anything is to put it to the fire to see if it will withstand the pressure.  Our foundation must be a strong relationship with Jesus Christ through daily communication.  If not, we will falter and may even fall away completely under pressure.  Think about it.  There is a spiritual war raging all around us.

The days of playing church are over.  God is sending out warnings to His people to come back to the fold and get serious about Him.  The days are becoming more and more evil and the pressure is mounting for believers to take up their positions.

God has set “watchmen” in the Body of Christ to warn of dangers.  Beloved, it is dangerous to take God lightly or for granted these days. Get ready…He is coming very soon!

Blessings everyone…

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