True Freedom


“And He Who sent Me is ever with Me; My Father has not left Me alone, for I always do what pleases Him. As He said these things, many believed in Him. So Jesus said to those Jews who believed in Him, If you abide in My Word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples. And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” (John 8:29-32)

The truest freedom is in Jesus Christ. Earthly freedom is bloody because people die to get it and people die trying to keep it. In America, it seems our freedoms are being picked apart by the socialist government we have, but for those who are in Christ Jesus, it doesn’t really matter who is in control of the government because when you are free in your heart, you are really and truly free.

There are Christians all over the world who live in countries where their faith has to be hidden, yet I have read some things they have written and you can see the incredible faith and freedom in their hearts in spite of the dangers they are living with. They aren’t looking at the here and now; they are looking with eternal eyes.

The closer we get to Him, the more liberated we become! It’s a mystery to the intellectual mind, but to the spiritually minded it is where true freedom lives. It all comes back to one thing: the level of intimacy you have with Him. It’s the RELATIONSHIP. Christianity is not a religion. People have made it a religion but it is a relationship with the Creator of the Universe through Jesus Christ.

It’s not about a list of do’s and don’ts. It’s about how well you know Him. The level of trust you put in Him and He in you. Freedom is never in religious activities. Rather, true freedom is found in that wonderful relationship with Jesus. It truly becomes the most valuable thing in your life the more you pursue it.

Blessings everyone…

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