Fiery Darts


What is a fiery dart?  A fiery dart is a weapon of Satan that he uses to inflict a disabling wound into a believer.  His objective is to stop us from advancing the Kingdom of God in our personal ministry, but also he wants to wound people so they would turn bitter towards God to keep them from His influence.  The Bible says in Ephesians 6:16, “Lift up over all the [covering] shield of saving faith, upon which you can quench all the flaming missiles (fiery darts) of the wicked [one].”

Fiery darts are shot at a believer from ambush, when her or she least expects it.  Many times a fiery dart hits its mark through an offense or a betrayal of trust.  If a believer’s guard is lowered or their shield of faith is lowered, that is just the moment that Satan is looking for.  We can see an example of this with King David in Psalm 55:12-14, “For it is not an enemy who reproaches and taunts me—then I might bear it; nor is it one who has hated me who insolently vaunts himself against me—then I might hide from him.  But it was you, a man my equal, my companion and my familiar friend.  We had sweet fellowship together and used to walk to the house of the God in company.”  The knowledge of the wounds of a friend is a powerful fiery dart that can completely disable a Christian from advancing the Kingdom of God.

A wound from a fiery dart is so debilitating that it makes it very difficult for the wounded person to even forgive the offender.  The person must first have the fiery dart pulled out by FAITH and receive the healing from the Lord Jesus.  Once they are healed, then they can forgive and move past it.  As believers, we have the authority to help those who are wounded by fiery darts.

Below is a prayer to minister healing for a fiery dart inner wound:

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pull out every fiery dart shot into _________ from the womb until now.  I pull up every root of bitterness and anger in the Name of Jesus.  Lord Jesus, I ask You now to pour in the oil and the wine and apply the balm of Gilead to these wounds now.  I apply the Precious Blood of Jesus to these wounds and to ______________’s life right now. 

Lead them in a prayer to forgive and release the offender and receive the full measure of inner healing that Jesus has bought for them.  Have them speak this prayer or one similar out:

Father God, I thank You for healing me of all the fiery darts in my soul.  I receive this healing by faith in the Name of Jesus!  I now choose to forgive and release _________ for the offense that wounded me so deeply.  I pray that You would bless them spiritually and heal them of their wounds.  I release __________ from any debts of apology or restitution now in Jesus’ Name! I receive the full measure of my healing now and choose to move on with You!

Forgiveness is the key component in getting healed from a fiery dart.  As long as we hold on to grudges and unforgiveness, Satan has a “hook” in us through that fiery dart.  It isn’t worth holding onto.  Let it go.  It is amazing how clean you feel inside once the darts are removed and Jesus heals you from the inside out.  Our God is truly AMAZING!

Blessings everyone…

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