Ephesians One Prayer


I’ve been going through the Bible intensely for the past several weeks in an effort to grow more mature spiritually.  The Word of God is so powerful!  When you speak the Word out loud over your life or the life of someone you are praying for, things start happening in the spiritual realm.  Everything in the universe takes note of God’s Word.  People with eyes to see and ears to hear the things of the Spirit know how true this is!

I started the book of Ephesians yesterday morning and I wrote this prayer from Ephesians chapter 1.  It is my prayer that it will help people around the world grow closer to God and to understand His wonderful promises!  Use this prayer for yourself and others.

“I thank You, Father, for granting me/_____ the spirit of wisdom and perception of what is revealed to bring me/_____ to the full knowledge of You.  Father, I ask that You enlighten the eyes of my/_____ mind so that I/______ can see what hope Your call holds for me/_____, what rich glories you have promised me/_____ as Your saint(s) will inherit!

O Lord, how infinitely great is Your power that You have exercised for all Your believers!  I/_____ acknowledge O God, that the strength of Your power, at work in Jesus Christ when You used it to raise Him from the dead and to make Him sit at Your right hand!  He sits in heaven, far above every Sovereignty, Authority, Power or Domination, above any other name that can be named, not only in this age but also in the age to come.

You, Father, have put ALL things under His feet and made Him ruler of everything, the head of the Church, His body.  The fullness of Him who fills all creation with Himself!  I give you praise, glory and honor Father for all You have done through Jesus Christ; my Lord, Master, and Savior.  Amen and Amen!

Blessings everyone…

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