Bibles for Pakistani Christians – GoFundMe


Hello everybody ~ I am working with a young pastor/evangelist in Pakistan with help in training materials and I am his intercessor as well.  He has been working with a group of 200 believers in Layia City Pakistan.  Layia is over five hours away from where he lives and so it is difficult to pastor them properly.

They are without a place to gather, or a pastor to shepherd them and worst of all they have NO Bibles to grow spiritually.  As Pakistan is a Muslim nation, it’s not like they can just walk to the local church.  They have to be careful.

We are working to share some of the training we have been doing but what they really need is Bibles.  Pastor Ayoub has priced the Bibles at $8.00 a piece, which is less than a combo meal at Wendy’s.  I have set up a GoFundMe campaign for this project and want to give an opportunity for everyone out here to prayerfully consider helping with this project.  Here is the Link:

GoFundMe “Bibles for Christians in Pakistan”

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