You Act on What You Believe

Great faith, mountain moving faith resides in what you BELIEVE. Faith is not in your head. It is not knowing all the “faith” scriptures and speaking them out of head knowledge. As with everything else in God’s Kingdom realm, it is the HEART where faith resides.

Jesus said “for out of the HEART the mouth speaks. This means that what you actually believe is what will come out in your everyday speech with people. We can actually go to God and read out loud “faith” scriptures back to Him and then go out and uproot everything by telling someone what you really believe in your heart.

For example, I used to have a whole list of financial blessings scriptures that I would speak to the Lord in my prayer closet, thinking I had great faith. Then go out and say things like “I don’t know what I’m going to do about this bill, it’s up to God I guess.” I did not believe in my heart, that He was going to do anything for me. So guess what? Nothing happened. I got what I believed.

If I really believed what the Word of God said, I would act on it by voicing my beliefs to those around me. Am I there yet? No, but I’m getting there!

So HOW do we get there? We get there through a personal, intimate friendship with the Lord. Think about it. A long time, personal friendship has a lot of trust built into it right? One friend knows and BELIEVES he or she can call the other one up anytime and ask for help and they KNOW beyond doubt that their friend WILL help them. That’s why they called them–because they believed that person had the power to help and would help.

A friendship built with God is the same way. Friendships are built over time. Trust doesn’t come quickly. Trust has to be PROVEN out. It has to be tested, and when it is proven out, it is as solid as a rock. Immovable. Unflinching. Nobody can say bad things about that friend and be believed. This is the place where mountain moving faith is. It is in a heart filled with love and trust in God. In His love. In His power. In His friendship.

Blessings everyone…

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