A Change of Heart

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.” (Jeremiah 17:9-10 KJV)

“Those times when men had no knowledge were overlooked by God, but now he gives orders to all men in every place to undergo a change of heart:…” (Acts 17:30 BBE)

“And hearing these things they said nothing more, but gave glory to God, saying, Then to the Gentiles as to us has God given a change of heart, so that they may have life.” (Acts 11:18 BBE)

“For whose coming to John made ready the way by preaching to all the people of Israel the baptism which goes with a change of heart.” (Acts 13:24 BBE)

“Or is it nothing to you that God had pity on you, waiting and putting up with you for so long, not seeing that in his pity God’s desire is to give you a change of heart?” (Romans 2:4 BBE)

“Gently guiding those who go against the teaching; if by chance God may give them a change of heart and true knowledge.” (2 Timothy 2:25 BBE)

Last night during the third watch of the night, I was praying and interceding for many things.  It was my church’s Night Watch Vigil that we have the last Friday/Saturday of the month.  I took the third watch from 12:00AM until 3:00AM.

It was an incredible night for me because I worshipped my way into His presence and it was a very real and tangible presence that settled in the sanctuary of the church.  He was there to discuss the things on my heart and on His heart.  I was a tearful mess.  His presence overcomes all emotions.

I have been watching the happenings in America with a heavy heart.  I watch as the Heavenly Father seeks to establish righteousness in our nation but so many just don’t want it.  They want to continue to slide into depravity and rebellion.  The righteous of God are becoming more and more despised.  Right now, it’s dangerous to wear a hat with the wrong thing written on it.  It’s dangerous to be a political conservative on a college campus.  We are very close to violence breaking out against the people of God just for being a Christian.

People today do not have a moral compass.  Good is evil and evil is good.  They can’t tell if they are male or female anymore because biology doesn’t count as the marker.  Young boys are being celebrated for being drag queens.  How are they legally allowed to dance in a gay strip club?  How are they legally allowed to pose with a naked drag queen man?

Lawmakers are pushing yet more and more extreme abortion measures including infanticide.  Who is next?  The disabled?  The mentally ill?  The elderly?  Whose life doesn’t matter to these all-powerful lawmakers who have taken the scepter of the Ancient of Days for themselves?

In the Christian world, there has never been more division.  Truly, the tares and the wheat are being separated.  There are relatively few true Bible teaching churches in comparison to the compromised churches in America.  False doctrines have crept into these churches lulling people into a false sense of security.  Their sinful lifestyles are ignored so they can fill a pew and put a few dollars in the offering plate.  The blood of Jesus, holiness, sanctification, and repentance are not “relevant” anymore and cannot be preached for fear of losing out on the money.  Divorce in the church is no different than the world.  Drinking and partying are no different than the world.  Filthy language is no different in many cases.  The list goes on and on.  What has changed?  THE HEART has changed.

Yet in spite of all this horrible news, the good news is that God STILL loves them.  His grace is still there for “whosoever will” to come to Him for salvation.  There is a battle raging in the unseen realm that if we could see it, we would be terrified at what Satan wants to do to the human race.

But the real battle is in the heart of mankind.  Nothing in our natural circumstances will change until our hearts change.  Until our hearts turn back to God or turn TO God.  This nation must have revival.  We must have an outpouring that will change the hearts of people back to God.  We have lost an entire generation to secularism and many have turned to paganism.  They want to see supernatural power and they have never seen the power of God in the dead and compromised churches they grew up in.  This is not the Church Jesus died for!

But what can we, as individuals do?  As true lovers of God, what can we do to turn the tide back to God?  We, as individuals, must examine our own hearts first.  Do we walk with Him?  Do we have an intimate friendship with Him?  What is His place on our daily “to do” list?  Is He first or dead last?  Are our oil lamps full and our wicks trimmed?  Are we ready to meet Him?  These are questions we must regularly ask ourselves because it is so easy to get caught up with the cares of life.  So easy.

We, as true lovers of God, can PRAY for everyone.  The Bible tells us to do so…every day.  God needs us to pray because He has given us, His Church, the authority to change the world through prayer.  I can promise you that everything going on in this mixed up world is important to the Ancient of Days.  It is on His heart.  If His people will repent and turn wholeheartedly to Him and PRAY for the lost, the government leaders, the nation, the Body of Christ, their local church and its leaders.  Pray for a change of heart among these people.  Only God can change a heart, but He needs intercessors to love them and Him enough to pray faithfully.

If this would happen, we would begin to see a shift in so many things.  The light would destroy the darkness.  Where there is light, there cannot be darkness.  We are the bearers of the Light of the World.  It can start with one person in one church.  The spark can ignite a forest fire…it can start with YOU.

Blessings everyone…


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1 Response to A Change of Heart

  1. successbmine says:

    It’s sad, but oh, so true. It’s the same here in Canada. The church has abandoned its post in many areas. It has accepted the world’s cry for “tolerance”. And in doing so has allowed the world more and more influence within the church until it has in many cases become weak and ineffective. Intercession is a necessity, and a life-style of holiness must also be developed for the intercessors for us to be effective in prayer. It’s all about our relationship with the Lord and with those around us. Which is more important to us? Where does our allegiance lie? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this most important issue. God bless you.


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