Handling Halloween as a Believer

For some reason, I’ve been so unsettled in my spirit coming up on October 31st this year.  Perhaps it’s the knowledge that people will be dying tonight on Satanic altars around the world…nobody talks about this of course, but it does happen every October 31st and has happened for hundreds of years.

The Druids in England in the dark ages would go throughout the villages looking for a virgin girl to sacrifice.  All Hallows Eve was one dark and wicked night for many people.  Terror filled the night, the screams of the victims rang in everyone’s ears as they sat huddled in their cottages thankful they weren’t selected.

Witchcraft has exploded into mainstream America like I’ve never seen before.  It’s becoming more and more “normal” with Lucifer being hailed as a misunderstood hero of sorts.  If they only knew…

For most people, Halloween is a harmless event where children get to dress up in ghoulish costumes and get free candy.  However, behind the veil separating the spirit world from the natural world, it’s much, much darker.

For Satanists, Halloween is the number one high holy day in their religion.  It’s when they can get power from demons to get wealth, love, revenge and status in the world.  They do this through blood sacrifices.  Most groups sacrifice animals, but there are those, who sacrifice humans.  The shedding of blood, especially of the innocents, empowers demons to go out and wreak havoc against people; especially professing Christians.

The midnight hour, also known as the “witching hour” is when they are most active.  Why then?  Because everyone is sleeping and unaware of the evil being done and the third watch of the night is the most spiritually active.  Demons are easier to contact during this time.  For the trick or treaters, it seems harmless enough, but when people participate in Holloween, they have entered Satan’s territory in the spirit realm.  It’s his most high holy day.  Anyone who participates in it comes into alignment with his kingdom and this gives him a very strong case to build on in the Courts of Heaven, especially for Christians who participate.  The Bible says “there is a way that seems right, the end thereof is destruction.”

So what happens to people who celebrate Halloween?  A gate or a door was opened that night and in the weeks following is when many people begin to experience trouble in their finances, marriages, careers, and other relationships.  For Christians, there is now a chasm between them and God because until they repent, they are guilty of eating at the table of the devil.  Also known as idolatry.  The Bible says “you can’t eat at the table of Ba’al and the table of the Lord at the same time.”  The chasm may not be noticed right away but you will look up and wonder “how did I get so far away from Him?”

Think about this: if Jesus is REALLY running your life, can you see yourself asking Him if it’s His will for you to dress up and go trick or treating?  He would never say that to me, I know that for sure.  I’m sorry to be blunt, but divided loyalties don’t cut it in the Kingdom realm.  Jesus said, “if you love father and mother more than Me, you aren’t worthy of Me…”  He’s not saying abandon your parents here, He’s saying “I gave everything up for you, now it’s your turn.”  The relationship with Jesus is an “all in” proposition.

So what SHOULD Christians do on Halloween night?  PRAY!  This night is the most wicked and evil night of the year and we as Christians should spend it in our homes or have prayer meetings to pray against all the witchcraft being unleashed on our communities.  We should not acknowledge it as a holiday at all.  It should be a night of intercession and spiritual warfare because I can promise you, people are dying on October 31st all over the world on Satanic altars.

This is just another pondering of mine on this October 31st.  Hopefully, it will help someone, somewhere understand things a little better.

Blessings everyone…




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3 Responses to Handling Halloween as a Believer


    One tree Body of Jesus…and Prayer… Holly Spirit keep us.💦💦🌳🌳

    pet, 1. stu 2019. 03:27 From the Heart of God… je napisao:

    > Micki Todd posted: “For some reason, I’ve been so unsettled in my spirit > coming up on October 31st this year. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that > people will be dying tonight on Satanic altars around the world…nobody > talks about this of course, but it does happen every Octobe” >


  2. Vijay Rai says:

    This is so true we should pray and interceed.
    Many Christians send their kids to knock on doors and do treak or treat …this is so Sad …they are glorifying Satan by letting their kids do this… I pray their eyes will open …


  3. Very Well written Micki. I’ve known this for years and agree with every thing said. There’s so much evil going on tonight. People perish for lack of knowledge. Lord forgive their sins.

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