Stones of Fire Ministries

What began as a simple blog has grown to a ministry to help those who are searching for God’s heart…find Him in a real and personal way.  When the Lord was rebuking Lucifer/Satan in the book of Ezekiel, He said that Lucifer “walked among the stones of fire” on the mountain of God.  My personal belief is that we have always been in the heart of God as precious gemstones.  The conception of mankind in the very heart of God was observed by Lucifer.  He was envious and coveted the unconditional authority that God gave to man.

The mission of the Stones of Fire Ministries is to help people establish a vibrant and flourishing intimate relationship with the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ.  I believe there is a hunger in the hearts of people all over the world for the one true God.  They want reality, not hype or programs.  They want face to face encounters every day of their lives.  That is what I have been pursuing and I have had and do have beautiful encounters with Him every day.  He sees the hungry hearts and He wants to bring YOU into that wonderful place of intimacy with Him!

What does Stones of Fire Ministries do?

  • Missions Work: Leadership training and discipleship training in Nepal and Pakistan.  Missions trips to Nepal as the Lord permits and money comes available to go.
  • Intimacy Workshops: I do one-day workshops that teach the principles of the intimate relationship and put it into action by having an encounter with the Lord through worship.  These workshops last about 6 to 7 hours.
  • Bride of Christ Preparation Workshops: Similar to the Intimacy workshops, this one-day workshop is about transformation into the image of Jesus Christ through spiritual maturity.  This is an intense and sometimes challenging training as it brings you to face issues head on that are hindering you from a deeper relationship with Jesus.
  • Books, Bible Studies and other training materials: I write books on a wide range of topics along with Bible studies and other training materials that can help small groups or house churches grow strong and mature believers.
  • Prayer Ministry: Through this blog, I have the privilege of praying with and for those who come to the blog in need of God to move in their lives.  I also help people with prayer training and Apostolic prayers.

I have created a website and am currently working on it to provide as much help and information as possible about what God is doing with this ministry.  I have provided a link below.  I invite you to visit the website and check back often to see what adventures God is leading me into!  Please reach out if you need prayer or counseling or you have a praise report you’d like to share.  I would love to correspond!


God has graciously brought three people on board to support the work He is doing and I’m so grateful for their help with their prayers, their friendship, and their financial help.  The harvest is truly plenteous in the earth right now and the help of my supporters is so appreciated.

Here is the link to the Stones of Fire website:

Stones of Fire Ministries Website